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Company News About Electric motor testing introduction
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Electric motor testing introduction

Latest company news about Electric motor testing introduction

We all know that the motor testing machine is actually a general term, and different motor testing machines are quite different, but there are some basic standard requirements for the test items. Here we would share some principles to check electric motor.


DC winding resistance: in physics, resistance can be directly detected by Ohm's law. AIP tester adopts the four-wire measuring method, which can effectively avoid line resistance and ensure the accuracy of the test.


Hipot: include AC Hipot and DC Hipot (AC Hipot is more common). The difference is the outputted voltage during the Hipot test. During the Hipot test, the tester applies high voltage between the motor frame and power supplied part to check if there is breakdown current. The upper and lower limit would be preset, and the fail alarm would be triggered if the measured breakdown current out of the preset limit.


Insulation resistance: test principle is similar with Hipot test. The tester output DC current to test the insulation between the power supplied part and motor frame. The test result is determined by the insulation resistance.


Surge/layer short: apply oscillation impulse voltage to motor coil an detect its oscillation waveform. Compare the tested waveform with the master’s, and the difference would indicate the layer short insulation of the tested product.


Low voltage start: output 0.86 rated voltage to the tested product and test the electrical parameter. Check if the motor works normally under low voltage status.


Locked rotor/stall test: as the name implied, locked rotor is to lock the rotor and test its electrical parameters. However, this actual lock method cannot fulfill the production line requirements for safety and efficiency. AIP tester simulates the locked rotor to test the consistency, which improves the efficiency on the basis of guarantee the test accuracy.


Power test: supply rated power to the motor and test the electrical parameters, mainly test the current, and calculate the power.


Electric motor is also a general term. Some customers would ask if they manufactured pump, fan or compressor can be tested as motor. Although the core part of the above-mentioned product is motor, it cannot be tested as motor completely. Some of the products have loading device, and the safety test, such as, leakage current, ground test etc. shall be performed as well.


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