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Company News About Motor tester test significance
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Motor tester test significance

Latest company news about Motor tester test significance

As the key process of motor production, but also motor quality control process, the importance of testing self-evident, motor test system is mainly divided into motor stator tester, motor rotor tester, motor tester, to ensure that each product are qualified, do not let go of any defective products, which is the direct purpose of the motor test system, but its significance is not limited to this, AIP will share this article of deep analysis of the testing significance of the motor test er for your reference.


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Motor tester test significance:
Ⅰ.quality data analysis: motor tester with its own statistical data, through the bad problems, especially the bulk of the problem to analyse, find out the problem point, which problems led to the motor of the bad, targeted solutions to the overall quality of the motor will have a qualitatively helpful!
Ⅱ.process improvement and technical reform: most of the problems occurring in the motor is due to the previous process technology, such as embedded wire machine failure, parameter setting errors, winding machine problems, etc., by analysing the specific problems of the motor test system project, to find process loopholes, not only to solve the motor quality, but also on the production efficiency, reduce costs and so on is very helpful!
3, motor performance enhancement: motor problems in addition to process problems and design problems, material problems, motor tester test can be found in these problems, such as low power, if the old product that may be the material problem, if it is a new product, it may be the design is not reasonable!
4, brand competitiveness: motor tester to help companies improve product quality, and thus enhance the competitiveness of the entire brand, the whole concept must be deep into the motor production line, they have a weak brand awareness, not enough attention is more likely to cause the motor of the bad, this point I believe that the management more experience!


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Motor Test System As a "system", not just a piece of equipment, It can be docked with the motor production management system (MES) to achieve data integration, the entire manufacturing process data, intelligent, which is also the future trend of China's manufacturing!


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