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Company News About The market demand of EV motor will reach 50 billion to 100 billion
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The market demand of EV motor will reach 50 billion to 100 billion

Latest company news about The market demand of EV motor will reach 50 billion to 100 billion

With the increasing demand for EV and the maturity of key technologies, the market demand of new energy automotive motor system is developing rapidly. Enterprises with relevant technological advantages will have a rapid increase in market share.

Relevant person of China Automobile Industry Association said: “EV motor field mainly include BROAD-OCEAN motor, Jing-Jin Electric (JJE), SHANGHAI DAJUN, and Shanghai Electric Drive which was acquired last year.” It is understood that these enterprises have laid out the EV motor market earlier, seized the opportunity of rapid development of the EV industry, among them, the Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) distribution is earlier and the technology originates from abroad, because of the previous export business , now they are now famous in the industry.

“The domestic motor market is growing very fast, and we sell 3 million EV motor last year.” The responsible person of Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) told the reporter, the output, sales and export of the drive motor of Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) rank first in the field of EV motor in china, and it has become one of the leading independent drive motor supplier in the world. At present , Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) has built a production base with an annual capacity of 200,000 units in Shanghai Jiading international Automobile City.


In recent years, the industrial capital prefer to EV motor market, so will there be overcapacity? the professional person said that: not only will be overcapacity, but the supply of high-quality new energy motors will not meet the demand.” In addition to the difficulty in meeting the demand of EV enterprises with motor capacity, Li Chengzhong also said that the production technology and management need to be improved. At present, many enterprises entering the new energy automotive field are not automotive parts themselves. It takes a period of running -in to enter the automobile field directly. Another point is that the competition in the new energy automobile market has not been fully fostered, and the supporting parts enterprises have invested a lot, so it still takes time to cultivate the market.


From the current development trend of EV, although the volume is small, but the future incremental space is large. Li Chengzhong said. According to the National New Energy Vehicle Capacity Planning, there will be 5 million new energy vehicles by 2020, which is still possible. China's new energy automotive motor system accounts for nearly 15% of the total vehicle cost. In recent years, major automotive enterprises have increased their distribution in the field of new energy automotive, and there is a huge market development space. The market demand of new energy automobile motor drive system is estimated to reach 50 billion to 100 billion yuan by 2020