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Company News About What are the classifications of motors?
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What are the classifications of motors?

Latest company news about What are the classifications of motors?

AIP focuses on global motor testing. and provides intelligent testing products such as motor stator testing, complete machine testing, die-cast aluminum rotor testing, armature rotor testing, and dynamometer testing for the global motor industry. It has a wide range of products. Used in household motors, water pump motors, power tool motors, automotive motors, industrial motors, servo motors, and other fields, providing an effective guarantee for the stable operation of the motor.

As a high-tech enterprise centered on motor testing solutions, AIP has a good understanding of the motor industry. Today the editor of AIP will popularize the relevant knowledge of motor classification for you.

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through electromagnetic action because there are several forms of electricity, different mechanical structures, different forms of the magnetic field, and different uses of the motor itself. Therefore, there are many types of motors, and according to different standards, there will be different names and categories.


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Ⅰ.Divided by the form of electric energy
①There are two forms of electricity, AC and DC, so motors can be generally divided into two categories: AC motors and DC motors.
②There are two types of AC power, single-phase and three-phase, and there are single-phase AC motors and three-phase AC motors.
③ The voltage is divided into high and low voltage levels, so there are also high-voltage motors and low-voltage motors.


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Ⅱ. Classification according to the principle
① According to the difference in slip rate, it can be divided into the synchronous motor and asynchronous motor.
②According to the different magnetic fields, synchronous motors include permanent magnet synchronous motors, hysteresis synchronous motors, and reluctance synchronous motors.
③Asynchronous motors are available in the form of induction or AC commutator. The induction forms include three-phase asynchronous motors and shaded pole asynchronous motors. AC commutator motors are also divided into repeller motors and series motors.


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Ⅲ.Classification according to the structure
①The rotor structure is different, there are wound rotor motors, squirrel cage rotor motors, and permanent magnet rotor motors.
②According to the position of the rotor and stator, it can be divided into the inner rotor motor and the outer rotor motor.
③According to whether there are carbon brushes, they can be divided into brush motors and brushless motors.
④ Brushed motors include permanent magnet brushed and electromagnetic DC motors.
⑤ According to the excitation form, DC motors can be divided into separate excitation, series excitation, shunt excitation, and compound excitation.
⑥According to different magnetic materials, there are also ferrite motors, rare earth permanent magnet motors, and alnico permanent magnet motors.

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Ⅳ. Classification according to different speeds
①There are high and low speeds, so there are high-speed motors, low-speed motors, constant-speed motors, and speed-adjustable motors.
②Depending on the number of poles, there are 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 16 poles, 32 poles, and other motors.
③Low-speed motors, torque motors, geared motors, direct drive motors, claw pole synchronous motors.


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Ⅴ. Distinguish according to purpose and usage
① According to the point of action, it can be divided into a power motor and a control motor.
②According to different operation modes, it can be divided into direct start motor, soft start motor, speed regulating motor
③Control motor, There are servo motors and stepper motors


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Ⅵ.Classification of industries and processes
①Power tools
②Fans and water pumps
③Household appliances

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①According to the protection type, there are closed type, open type, waterproof type, submersible type, watertight type, and explosion-proof type.
② Different cooling methods, including self-air cooling, forced air cooling, water cooling, and oil cooling.
③Different insulation levels, including AEBFHC and other levels.
④According to different installation methods, there are vertical and horizontal types
⑤According to working hours different, there are continuous work payments, short-time work payments, and intermittent work payments.


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