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Company News About Which company armature tester is the best choice for customers?
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Which company armature tester is the best choice for customers?

Latest company news about Which company armature tester is the best choice for customers?

Armature is the core component of the DC brush motor, its importance is self-evident, which directly determines the safety and performance index of the motor. Therefore, armature testing has become an important process in the whole motor manufacturing process. Undoubtedly a good armature tester is the guarantee of product quality, how do choose a truly professional, strong test equipment manufacturer, I hold in the motor testing industry for more than ten years of experience, that judge "good" test equipment manufacturer should be considered from the following aspects.

Ⅰ.complete organizational structure
The complete organizational structure is the enterprise's internal organizational resources, build processes, business, and the implementation of the basic elements of management. Is to provide customers with exquisite products and a quality service guarantee. AIP has more than 200 employees, including human resources, technology, research and development, marketing, sales, after-sales service, logistics, production, quality, purchasing, and other departments, departmental responsibilities are clear, to provide customers with one-stop service from pre-sales service to production to after-sales service.

Ⅱ.Intellectual Property
As a technology-based enterprise, intellectual property rights are an important indicator to measure the strength of the enterprise. With continuous technological innovation, AIP has obtained many appearance patents, utility model patents, and invention patents, and this year, it has obtained the "Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System Certification" issued by China Audit and Certification Co., Ltd, which signifies that AIP has gained the authoritative recognition in the field of knowledge product management.

Ⅲ.R&D Capability
R & D capability is the basis of whether the enterprise can provide customers with suitable solutions and continuous optimization, AIP has a technical team of more than 70 people, covering software, mechanical, electrical, and other modules, and is committed to providing customers with optimal solutions, new technologies continue to push out, to overcome a number of industry challenges, including coin-point damage detection, AC/DC hi-pot detection, and other new technologies to obtain the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad.

Ⅳ.sales, after-sales team
The professional sales team can provide customers with the most suitable solutions, professional after-sales team is the protection of timely maintenance of equipment, the solution is not suitable or after-sales is not timely will seriously damage the interests of enterprises, bringing incalculable losses for the enterprise, AIP sales and after-sales team have been in the field of many years of technical personnel set up, after technical training and rigorous examination before taking up their duties, the country built 6 Offices, close to customer service, regular phone call service allows customers to suggest directly to the company's senior management, rapid response mechanism is the best illustration of the AIP practice "customer-centric" corporate philosophy.

Ⅴ.Quality Control
Quality is the life of an enterprise, and a mature quality management system is the guarantee of product quality, AIP Quality Department consists of incoming quality control, circuit board quality inspection, instrumentation inspection, system inspection, and other modules, from the components to the equipment factory has standard inspection specifications, the manufacturing process to implement the 7S management and assessment system, no defects, no concessions, equipped with a series of facilities such as high and low-temperature aging room, ensure that each device is a high-quality goods factory. Each piece of equipment is a high-quality goods factory.


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These six are the basic elements to measure the professionalism of an armature detector manufacturer, and there are not many manufacturers that can meet these conditions, and AIP is a company that meets the above conditions。

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