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Fan Motor Stator Test System

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: AIP

Model Number: AIP89XX

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: wooden package

Delivery Time: 45 work days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Supply Ability: 50 sets per month

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Fan Motor Stator Test System


3 Phase Stator Test System


Modularization Rotor Testing Machine

12 Months
Testing Data Can Be Exported In Excel Form
Power Supply:
Customized As The National Grid
MES Connection:
Windows XP
12 Months
Testing Data Can Be Exported In Excel Form
Power Supply:
Customized As The National Grid
MES Connection:
Windows XP
Fan Motor Stator Test System
Fan motor stator test system


This product is suitable for the performance test of the three-phase stator/complete machine with the power below 500KW, and is widely used in elevator motors, reducers, industrial fans, pump motors, cranes, generators and other industries.
1. Wide range: suitable for testing requirements of ultra-wide range resistance between 1mΩ~400KΩ.
2. High level: the vibration ability between turns of 500KW motor improves the detection rate of winding damage.
3. High efficiency: the test is completed in one connection, which solves the pain point of low test efficiency of large motors.
4. One-stop: supporting independent research and development of AC and DC power supplies, convenient and unified pre-sales/after-sales.
5. Modularization: The test unit is modularized, which not only avoids interference with serial burning, but also can customize single/multi-station, serial/parallel combination test system according to customer needs.
6. Multi-interface: The system comes with USB, RS232, LAN and other interfaces, supports PLC simulation technology, TCP/IP network protocol, etc. to facilitate data interaction and instrument control.
Test items
Stator: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, resistance balance, turn-to-turn
Whole machine: withstand voltage, insulation, resistance, turn-to-turn, no-load, locked rotor

2. Technical specification


Test object

Rotor of pump motor

Display mode

19” LCD

Test parameter

The quantity of bars, minimum amplitude, maximum amplitude, comprehensive value

Dimension range

Outer diameter 60-130mm

Inner diameter 10-50mm

Lamination thickness 180mm(max)

Test mode

Continuous mode: when test is over, the machine output the result, and the motor continue to work to acquire inductance waveforms until press the reset button, then stop the test.

Single mode: when test is over, the machine output the result and stop the test automatically at the same time.

Control mode


Parameter save

Software save



Working ambient

Temperature 0~40℃, humility≤90%RH


System function introduction

1. Main performance:


(1) The test data are displayed digitally and can be sent to the computer for sampling, drawing and printing;

(2) Using high-precision load sensor; good stability, long service life, etc.;

(3) The whole machine has high sensitivity, load torque stability and test repeatability;

(4) Only adjusting the excitation current can control the size of the load

(5) The software operation is simple and easy to learn, and it can realize the test methods such as type experiment (manual, automatic), production line (fixed point, durable, fast experiment).

(6) The power tester has multiple ranges (automatic switching) to meet the test of high-power motors and low-power motors

(7) The three-dimensional adjustment table can easily install the motor and realize quick clamping. (for selection)


2. System function:


(1) The switch operation of the motor can be controlled on the computer;

(2) The system has manual and automatic test methods (this method can be operated without a computer). The entire process can be realized on the display controller on the control cabinet; the data can be locked for manual recording;

(3) The system has an automatic test method: the load is automatically loaded according to the setting, and the characteristic curve of the motor from no load to locked rotor (or set value) is scanned;

(4) The system has a fixed-point test method: after the motor runs, the load is automatically adjusted to the set value, and it runs stably at the set value;

(5) Test result: The motor test data is displayed in the form of report or curve, which can be printed and saved, which is convenient for opening and querying the curve next time. The curve coordinate parameters (abscissa and ordinate) can be modified

(6) Rated torque test accuracy: ±0.5%; speed accuracy ±0.2%;

(7) Dynamometer range: 0.05Nm-50000Nm (customers can choose a dynamometer with a suitable range according to their motor power)