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Company News About Armature tester manufacturers & supplier
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Armature tester manufacturers & supplier

Latest company news about Armature tester manufacturers & supplier

The armature rotor is an integral part of the motor, The armature rotor electrical performance of the advantages and disadvantages also affect the motor is qualified, so the choice of armature rotor test equipment used to detect whether the armature rotor is qualified is very important.
So how should motor manufacturers choose a reliable armature tester manufacturer?

Ⅰ. Armature rotor test equipment manufacturers' armature trial test
After a preliminary market survey to understand the armature rotor test equipment manufacturers roughly the size and test equipment, you can ask the equipment manufacturers to issue a specific armature rotor test program and offer for comparison. Motor manufacturers can send the faulty armature rotor and qualified armature rotor to the equipment manufacturers for field testing and recording test data, to get a number of test data and then again for comparison, according to the test report on the various test items, such as: welding resistance, diagonal resistance, bar-to-bar resistance, the surge and other test-specific parameter data, evaluation results, test beats, and other information, to choose a more suitable armature rotor test equipment. Of course, if it is convenient, remote video or on-site inspection will get more rich and accurate information.


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Ⅱ. armature tester manufacturers' site visit
The motor testing industry is not a national mandatory certification products industry, armature tester, and no national unified audit standards, so there are a large number of cheap armature rotor test products on the market to confuse the market. Communication on the phone in the sky, in fact, is just a "family workshop" there are many small factories. Of course, it does not mean that small factories represent bad equipment, but the small number of personnel does mean that the technicians, and after-sales personnel are bound to be not much, there may be equipment failure or after-sales situation does not occur in a timely manner.
Therefore, in the formal procurement of armature testers to equipment manufacturers before the field visit, although more trouble will cause some economic costs, but can seem to be believed, or more worthwhile. So the armature rotor test equipment manufacturers should know what? Here are a few suggestions you can refer to.

① Armature tester manufacturers at a professional and technical level
The level of technical research and development is the core of the survival of a manufacturing company. Products are updated according to the actual needs of users, so a professional technical research and development team is very important for a company.
Armature tester as a branch of motor test equipment, should be only one of the products of a motor test manufacturer. A professional motor test equipment manufacturer should have a complete motor test equipment, The most basic must have a series of equipment exhibition halls, for the factory samples to test and on-site technical communication.


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② Armature tester manufacturers' production process
The equipment manufacturers' plant visit, should focus on examining the armature rotor test equipment production process of technical standards, The production process is smooth and standardized, and the internal electrical products and frame structure of the equipment are the same as the brand of the previous research material, equipment assembly is completed whether through the samples for debugging, test equipment, whether to carry out aging test, etc., can be through the above information to understand the general quality of the test equipment Level.


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③Armature rotor test equipment manufacturers' honorary qualifications
The honorary qualifications obtained by a production-oriented enterprise can reflect to a large extent the degree of recognition of the enterprise by the industry and society,

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