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Company News About Brushless motor tester application site
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Brushless motor tester application site

Latest company news about Brushless motor tester application site

BLDC motor tester


AIP focuses on global motor testing. Since its establishment, it has focused on the research and development, and production of motor testing equipment, striving to protect the development of the motor industry. At present, AIP has a relatively complete motor testing solution for brushless motor testing, including a brushless motor loading (no-load) testing system, a permanent magnet rotor testing system, a brushless motor stator testing system, and a dynamometer testing system. machine intelligent test system. The above picture is a BLDC motor tester customized by AIP for domestic customers who have long-term cooperation with our company. The test items mainly include AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, air conditioning load performance, phase loss detection, and load performance (power, speed, Hall performance). After the equipment is started, the test items of the set group are completed in sequence according to the test process. After the test is completed, qualified and failed instructions and sound and light alarms are given to provide customers with It is our responsibility to solve the problems in the motor testing industry, and we will continue to work hard to fulfill our original intention! 

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