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Company News About Motor stator test system manufacturers
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Motor stator test system manufacturers

Latest company news about Motor stator test system manufacturers

Motor stator factory test is very important, every motor manufacturer will carry out stator factory test, but how to choose the motor stator test system manufacturers are the motor enterprise purchasers.

To help purchasers work smoothly, here from five angles to provide some suggestions for choosing motor stator test system manufacturers, you can use as a reference.

. The motor stator test system manufacturers' market research

Market research can be subdivided into motor industry exhibitions, the use of existing equipment of various motor stator manufacturers, and motor stator test companies' official websites.

1、 motor industry exhibitions. In the motor professional exhibition, you can see the motor stator test system manufacturers display products, and you can watch the actual test process and results at the scene, to understand whether the exhibits have the required motor test items and functions, the scene shows more intuitive and clear, but also on-site direct communication with the technical staff to customize the motor stator test program and quotes.


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2、Peer use test equipment survey. The motor stator test industry has become more mature, Manufacturers almost all have purchased motor test-related equipment, and you can learn from the same industry companies related to motor stator test manufacturers and equipment information, do not jump to conclusions, you need to compare the two sides of the motor stator type and test items are the same or similar, motor stator test system to meet the needs of their stator testing, after actual Only after the actual performance comparison can confirm the suitability of the test system.

3, motor stator test system manufacturers' official website. Check the official website is more convenient than the above two, no need to travel, in the company can be operated. In this era of Internet prevalence, the manufacturer's official website is a measure of whether the enterprise to keep up with the signs of the times is also an important way to show the manufacturer's own strength and own products. General test system manufacturers will have their own test system listed on the official website, easy for visitors to access, or you can contact online customer service, on the official website to communicate directly on the phone.

. The motor stator test system manufacturers bring the benefits of analysis

There is a saying that everyone should have heard: "Cheap is not good, good is not cheap".

Motor stator test systems can not only affect the motor test cost, but the most important thing is to determine the quality of the motor stator factory. Different manufacturers of motor test system prices can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan difference but do not give up directly because of the price gap between the test systems. Equipment costs of the initial investment are indeed a lot, but the motor test system is not a fast-selling product, an excellent quality motor test system for ten years is not an exception. Procurement of motor stator test system in addition to the simple price comparison, the test system itself, the material, electrical component quality brand, and purchase of the system after the subsequent use of training, after-sales service, technical support, software updates, process improvements should be included in the comprehensive comparison of the conclusions reached.

Of course, for some limited-budget motor manufacturers, to meet the basic needs of motor stator testing, the purchase of simple functionality and lower price of the motor test system is also very reasonable, the motor stator test system is a customized product to meet customer demand and timely after-sales is the basic ability of the motor test manufacturers should have.


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