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Company News About Water pump motor stator teser application site
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Water pump motor stator teser application site

Latest company news about Water pump motor stator teser application site


The water pump motor stator tester customized by AIP for a motor manufacturer has arrived at the factory for acceptance.

According to the needs of users, this water pump motor stator inspection table is customized to enlarge the table, which is convenient for the temporary placement of the stator during the water pump motor inspection. At the same time, the rotor sleeve of the water pump motor inspection table can be adjusted up and down and replaced to meet the inspection of stators of water pump motors of different sizes. One set is multi-purpose, reducing the cost of user equipment.

AIP focuses on global motor testing. It has been pioneering and innovating in the water pump industry for many years. It has a complete water pump motor testing solution. It can flexibly increase or decrease the appearance of detection functions according to user needs, greatly reducing user costs and improving detection efficiency!